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Move-Out & Move-In Cleaning Service


For a move out, you packed the dishes, de-cluttered the garage, hired the movers and even signed the papers. What’s next? Doing a deep clean before moving out is beneficial to both parties, especially if you have a security deposit on the line. However, move-out cleaning is easy to neglect. After all you have bigger things to worry about, like moving into your new home or apartment. Allied Cleaning Inc offers flexible move-in and move-out cleaning services to ease the transition into your new space. Whether it is the cleaning of the entire house or certain areas of your home, our professional help is always there.

Move-Out Cleaning

When the rooms are empty now, it is time to make your home look even better than it did when you first moved in. Many apartments and house contracts require a deep cleaning while others call for a detailed checklist that covers everything from the stove to baseboards.

Services included on our standard move-out cleaning checklist may include:

  • Vacuum and sweep all floors
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Scrub shower and bathtub
  • Scrub toilets
  • Clean sinks and counter tops
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Dust everything

Allied Cleaning can handle most of the items on your checklist. You focus on your move, we’ll take care of the cleaning.

Move-In Cleaning

A fresh start is what all we need! A thorough move-in cleaning is a necessary one as it gives new homeowners and tenants a peace of mind knowing that their new living space has been scrubbed and disinfected from top to bottom. We always recommend performing a move-in cleaning before you unload or unpack your personal belongings. Just to ensure that every inch of the house gets the cleaning it needs.

You must be wondering about the cost of a move-in cleaning? Well it all depends on the size of your new home, number of rooms and the conditions it’s in. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the details of your move in cleaning. Our staff is trained to create a personalized cleaning schedule to keep your new home or apartment as clean and tidy as new long after you move in.

Over 30 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best services.